A Good Friday note

On a day like today, many years ago, Jesus died for us.

As the skies grew dark and the thunder clapped, little did the fearful onlookers realize that the Man hanging before them was hanging between the balance of heaven and earth, between death and life.  The life that this Man was dying to bring wouldn’t exist in expensive homes, loaded wallets, or successful careers. No, those are insignificant things.

His body was beaten beyond recognition, His flesh was torn, and His hands and feet were nailed into the tree.  Blood poured from His body.  He screamed in anguish, and committed His spirit to the One who sent Him there.  Then, the earth shook, rocks were split in two, and you and I gained access to God for the first time.  But, something else happened.  The very back, the whole structure of sin, was snapped, and you and I became victorious over it.  That is what life is.  A personal relationship with the One who sent His Son to be broken for us, and living as we have never sinned because He was made sin for us, so we could become His righteousness. 

In a few days, we’ll celebrate the day that Jesus rose for us.  He is alive, and His life was put in us.  And honestly, you and I didn’t do a thing, He just loved us. 

Happy Good Friday!


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