7 Great Bible Study Helps

bediligent From time to time, people approach me and ask about ways they can improve their study of the Word of God.  As a pastor, there is (perhaps) no greater joy that I can receive than to find those who are hungry to know our Lord more through the study of His Word.  In the day that we live in, there is certainly no shortage of resources available online to aid the average Joe in searching the depths of Scripture.  We must, however, be extremely careful with the sites we visit, because there are many out there that may claim to be teaching sound doctrine, but are actually leading people astray.  It is vital that as we read anything –  whether a book, a website, an article, a blog, or listen to a sermon that we keep our Bibles open, and like the noble Bereans in Acts 17, be diligent to search “the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things [are] so” (Acts 17:11).  


That being said, here are seven really good online resources that will help to improve your Bible study.  These are the ones I hit the most, although through a simple Google search you will surely find many more that are helpful.  If you are a student of the word and prayerfully consider what you study, you will be kept guarded from false teachings that are out there – and there are many!
1. Bible Gateway:  biblegateway.com – Perhaps you already use this.  The site does more than I use it for, but it is a great place to look up many different English (and other language) translations of the Bible. What I like: The site allows you to compare up to five different translations side-by-side.

2. Blue Letter Bible: blueletterbible.org – This is my study site of choice.  You can search by word, phrase, or verse, and the site even allows Boolean and wildcard searches (Click here for more info).  Again, there’s a lot more on the site than maybe what I use it for, but it is a fantastic source for both commentary and concordance.  What I like: Next to each verse, there are various study resources available.  Each box represents a different resource (concordance, commentary, version/translations, dictionary aids), but I think my most favorite part is the Strong’s Concordance.  For example, you can click on the letter “C” and the site will take you to a concordance for just that verse.  Then, click on the Hebrew/Greek word, and it will link you to Vine’s Expository Dictionary for that word, and Trench’s synonyms (if available).  Great resource.

3. Biblos: biblos.com – Yet another site with lots more content than I have explored.  I use it primarily to look up a verse and read commentaries.  What I like: There are commentators not found on Blue Letter Bible that are excellent.

4. NET Bible:  Net Bible – This is a phenomenal site that I love to use.  You can search by book, and the site will bring you to the NET Bible Translation (Read more about the NET Bible here).  It is set up into two columns, Bible on the left, and another section on the right containing footnotes, Greek/Hebrew, articles, etc.  What I like: My favorite part is the “Constable’s Notes” section, to the right of the Bible column.  This is an extensive commentary by Dr. Thomas Constable, including MANY references to other commentators.  This is a valuable resource and I use it much in sermon/teaching prep.

5. Precept Austin:  preceptaustin.org – Another Bible study website.  What I like: I use this site primarily for the vast collection of commentaries it provides.  There is a link on the left hand side to click on for these, and there looks to be much more content that I haven’t looked into!

6. Desiring God:  desiringgod.org – If you listen to me preach or teach long enough, you will certainly hear me refer to or quote John Piper.  I consider him to be a father in the faith, though I do not know him personally.  I have personally benefited extensively from his 30+ year ministry.  His website, Desiring God, boasts over 5,000 resources made available to the hungry Bible student.  What I like: You can search topically, and the site will link you to articles, audio messages, and even video messages of Pastor John and other teachers.

7. Sermon Audio: sermonaudio.com – If you enjoy listening to sermons online, this is a FANTASTIC website to check out if you do.  Now, having so many preachers featured, you are bound to hear some things that are boring or even questionable (because, after all, we are human), but I have benefited and grown spiritually from MOST I have listened to. Most of these speakers are very Gospel-centered, which is a huge plus for me. Two of my favorites are Voddie Baucham and Leonard Ravenhill. What I like: You can search sermons by topic, Bible verse, or speaker. You can also download mp3 versions of the sermons, or stream from your computer or smart phone.  The most downloaded and played sermons will have a red number next to the title showing how many times it has been listened to.

Ultimately, as you utilize some of the sources we are blessed by God to have in this country, it is vital that we trust the Holy Spirit to lead us in our study, for “He will teach you all things” (John 14:26).  We can be confident in knowing that “the Spirit  searches all things, yes, the deep things of God,” and “has revealed them to us” (1 Corinthians 2:10).

So, be diligent. Read much and pray much, and never stop seeking to know our Father through His Word.  It is so important that in this last day we are equipped with a proper knowledge of the Scriptures, standing steadfast having put on Whole Armor of God, wielding the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:10-20). It is the only way we can stand against the wicked one.

May the Lord bless you by increasing your love for Him and His Word (Jesus)! Feel free to post some of your favorite study resources!

“Read and pray, pray and read.” -Loran Livingston


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