Good Friday: A Poem


Today is Good Friday.  At the time I am typing this blogpost, some two-thousand years ago, our Lord Jesus Christ had been hanging, nails through his body, upon a cross.  He was entering His sixth hour there, still alive, gasping for His last breaths.  The land was dark, and for the first time in all of eternity, perfect fellowship between the Father and the Son was broken.  Jesus had become sin.  The Father had to look away.  And for all those who would believe, Jesus bore God’s white hot wrath upon His own body.  

I am not a poet.  But while I was in my study this morning spending time with the Lord, I was moved to write this poem.  It is entitled, simply, “Good Friday.”

Dark and cold, the seconds fell
Morning light began to tell
Of an act so loving none could dare
Know why God could this much care

There up the hill as blood drew from
My Savior’s body, death to succumb
Raised up high, put on display, for
Hell and heaven to watch and wait 

Then as the sky grew black as night
His arms outstretched from left to right,
The Father turned His back to break
Unbroken bond none else could take

The earth did shake, the seconds fell
O what could urge this bleak farewell?
Sin’s debt was mine, too grim to bear
In my stead, Christ, my soul did spare

What might I give my selfless King
For loving me through His suffering?
I own no good that I could give
“Lord, take my life and through it live.”

Don’t let your day pass by today without seriously meditating on the great love of God in Christ toward sinners.  Repent of your sins, receive God’s free gift of grace, and be saved from the wrath to come.

Praying for you,

Pastor Joshua Earl



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