We’re Back in Charlotte!


Hello friends!

I can’t believe it. We’re back in the Queen City! Michelle and I lived here for 10 years before our temporary transition to Louisville (for the Pastors College) and we consider North Carolina to be our home. We love it here and are so grateful for the privilege of planting a Sovereign Grace church in Wilmington. We look forward with anticipation to begin reaching Wilmingtonians with the Gospel and calling the city our home!

The Next Few Weeks

Over the next year or so, Aaron (my planting partner and future fellow pastor) and I will be participating in a church planter residency at CrossWay Community Church in the northern part of the city (Aaron will arrive here at the end of month). It has already proven to be a busy season – even while Michelle and I were still unpacking our moving boxes, I began working on the Sovereign Grace ordination requirements, which includes taking several written exams, an oral exam, and lots of reading and paper writing. Though we are certain of God’s call on our life to shepherd His flock and to plant a church, Aaron and I must take the necessary steps to get there. If you are inclined to pray for us, we would gladly receive the extra grace to complete this particular task.  We take a second written exam at the end of July.  Thank you for lifting us up in this way!

The Next Year or So

Below I have included two items in this post. The first is a projected timeline of the final two phases of this church plant. It is very basic, but it presents a pretty good idea of what the next year and a half will look like for us.

The second item is the following video Aaron and I put together. It fills out more details not shown on the timeline and should serve to update our friends and family on our next steps. It would bring me great joy if you would take a few minutes to watch it!

(You can also watch the video here.)

Our Remaining Financial Need

With the busyness of our missionary lifestyle comes the inevitable and humbling necessity of raising the funds we need to finish the task God is calling us to. He has generously provided for us to complete the Pastors College (Phase 1), and a significant portion of our monthly budget for Phase 2 (see above)! Nineteenth century pastor George Mueller said, “Be assured, if you walk with Him and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you.” My friends, He has not!

Our remaining monthly need, which will allow me to do the “leg-work” of planning for the new church, is small. We’re asking God to provide:

20 individuals / families to give at least $25 per month for 15 months. 

This amount allow us to meet our monthly budget from the start of the church planter residency in Charlotte (July 2017) through the launch of the church in Wilmington (September 2018). After this time, we will receive donations as an incorporated church, which will cover my salary and all church expenses.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming a financial partner with us?  If God is so stirring your heart, I would love to speak with you in person. My email address is earlfamily@pressingonword.org. You can also visit our giving page here.

Thank you so much for considering contributing to the spread of the Gospel in Wilmington! We’ll be posting lots more updates here in the coming year, as well as on our planting website, twoguysplanting.org. We have much to glorify God for!

Grace and peace,
Joshua Earl
Church Planter


2 thoughts on “We’re Back in Charlotte!

  1. FYI

    Seeing a small cloud like a man’s hand as I have been praying for this plant. Praying the gentle breeze will turn into a powerful wind filling their sails and propelling it forward.

    (Ezekiel 37:3)

    And he said to me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” And I answered, “O Lord GOD, you know.”


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