A Slight Change in Format

Hey Friends!

We are in preparation to release an all new podcast around the beginning of May, but I just wanted to fill you in on the future of Pressing OnWord, well.. at least the direction that God is leading us at the present.

Beginning with the next podcast, I will be condensing the length of each recording down to (hopefully) a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes, thanks to the suggestions of some of our listeners.  My original goal was to take my time and record lengthy sermons, but I believe this move will be most practical for those who tune in, as most of us don’t have 45 minutes to an hour to dedicate to listen to each sermon.  I know that God is able to use a 15 minute window to touch someone’s heart just as much as He can use an hour.  Therefore, within this shorter time frame for each recording, I will be offering practical, to-the-point messages from God’s Word as He leads.

Also, I am in the process of setting up some very special interviews with people that have a heart to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, so stay tuned to hear what God is doing within the local Body. Michelle and I are also working on something (yes, an audio recording) that we believe will benefit married couples and parents alike.

I am so very excited to see what God is doing in the Body of His Son, and I pray that you will be both blessed and encouraged as we press onWord together!